Marketing the Equipment Lease

A leasing industry best seller that trained a generation of lessors has been newly revised for leasing in 2000 and beyond. Marketing the Equipment Lease is a power-packed e-Book with over 200 pages of "insider" leasing information on one CD-ROM.

This is the tool you need as an educational guide, a training aid, to provide an orientation to leasing to your staff and as an invaluable reference source.

Marketing the Equipment Lease is the dynamic guide to leasing that is on the recommended study list for the UAEL (a national equipment leasing association) sponsored Certified Lease Professional(CLP) program. Thousands of copies have been sold!

"I personally have quite a library on leasing books as when I started there were no associations or conference, and I learned early to find books on leasing.  I think this is the best marketing book available.”  Kit Menkin

Kit Menkin is well known as the Editor of “Leasing News” the daily, on-line newsletter read by thousands in the leasing industry.  As a partner in American Leasing, Kit has more than 30 years of leasing experience.  If you aren’t currently a subscriber, check



History of Leasing
How it started. Types of leases. FAS 13 Advantages and disadvantages of leasing

Sale & Leaseback

Special documentation UCC searches. Tax considerations. Before and after illustration.

Leveraged True Leases

How leverage works. Credit requirements. Potential lessees. Rev. Proc. 75-21 highlights.

Government Leasing

Tax exempt leases to state and local government. Essential use equipment. Non-appropriation provisions. Leasing to the Federal Government-a huge market with big potential risks.

Financial Statements

Lessee legal structures. The kinds of statements you'll see and their composition. Ratios every salesperson should know.


The information you need to get approvals and how to present it. Sample write-up.


Depreciation methods are illustrated. Half year, midquarter and other conventions. Investment Tax Credit, a history and how it works. Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and its impact.


Declining balance, add-on interest and discounted interest are discussed.

Math of Leasing

Compound interest and present worth. Structuring various lease payments. The effect of purchase options, renewals puts and security deposits.
Identifying prospects, list building, telemarketing, direct mail, trade shows, speaking engagements and more.

Vendor Programs

Vendor selection, service and teaching. Overcoming common vendor objections.

Basic Sales Presentation

Answers to lessee objections and special techniques to help you close more sales.

Leasing to Major Corporations

Marketing techniques you need to be successful. Information sources that can put you a step ahead of your competition.

Discounted Cash Flow

Creative selling! Lease vs. buy and lease vs. loan illustrations.

After the Sale

Marketing tips that will generate additional business for you.

Speech Outline

Give a presentation on leasing to trade groups, Rotary, etc. every chance you get.

Documents & Forms

Copies of basic lease documents are provided with a brief description of their usage.


106 leasing terms are defined.

You need this book more than ever before.

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