Financial Statement
Spreadsheet Software

The California Capital Leasing Corp financial statement spreadsheet program was developed by lessors for lessors.

This is an unsupported (no technical assistance offered) spreadsheet originally developed in Lotus 123 and available for either Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel. Although unsupported, the user need only know the very basics of Lotus or Excel to successfully use this program.

You input the raw data (input instructions included) and the program will automatically calculate the standard industry ratios, create graphs of the most important ratios and perform both Simple Base Year Horizontal Trend Analysis and Progressive Base Year Horizontal Trend Analysis. Additionally, the program will calculate the Z-Score, a Corporate Bankruptcy predictor.

Included with your program is "The Financial Ratios You Need To Know" which explains the primary financial statement ratios, how they are calculated and how to interpret them, as they appear in the Robert Morris Associates study.