Lease Training and
Resource Materials

Marketing the Equipment Lease

A leasing industry best seller. A great introduction to leasing and a handy reference tool.

Leasing Documentation and Forms

A comprehensive compilation of 130 leasing documents and forms. Everything needed for your leasing operation.

Financial Statement Spreadsheet Software

A reasonably priced spreadsheet program developed for lessors by lessors. Spreadsheet instructions and an explanation of basic financial ratios are included.

Winning Leases With TValue 5.0

The only leasing specific guide for pricing leases in an easy to understand format.

The Guide to Government Leasing

the Guide to Government Leasing is by far the best introduction to government leasing and covers municipal leasing, federal government leasing and leasing to Indian Tribes in a clear, easy to understand manner complete with sample leasing forms..

Indirect Leasing Strategy

Acquainting prospective lenders with the income opportunities that exist for large, medium and small size financial institutions as funding sources for the small to medium size equipment leasing operations.

The Leasing Library

...and Resource Center a single-source, developed by real lessors, where you can find the leasing publications, topic specific reports and software products you need to grow your business.